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Suggestion: Re image thumb and caption in posts


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Hi, I'm an AVID fan of IPB and am slowly switching every part of my main site into the platform...

However, here's some stuff I'd really like to see added either to IPB itself or made available as a hook/mod:
. [*]Ability to fill in an optional attachment caption/description/title for each image attached to a post (have it appear in lightbox), great for photo explanation and SEO purposes. . [*]Option to set a consistent, overriding thumbnail height so that all thumbnails (wide or tall proportion) display at the same height instead of short-tall-tall-short-tall etc. Thanks for listening, and for making such a great product!

[*]Better display of attachment thumbnails in posts, some sort of grey border or something, as opposed to naked edges of the photo, just looks a bit cheap.

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For reference on the thumb appearance, the My Media file bbcode renders a border around content, something along these lines perhaps, but tighter to the edges of the image.


Again, just some sort of container/border/frame that makes the thumbs look good, as opposed to naked images.

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