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Allow users to follow tags


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I like the new tagging functionality in IP.Board, but I haven't found a lot of ways to integrate it successfully into my site yet.

One thing that would help...

Allow users to follow tags just like they can follow forums, topics, or categories.

The tag-following could be site-wide (across all applications), or on a forum by forum basis. If tag-following is implemented on per-forum, you could just add another check box in the pop-up that appears when you Follow a forum asking if you want to follow only certain tags.

Effectively, allowing the following of tags within a forum could be a way of subsetting the forum without having to create multiple subforums. One of the complaints on my forum is that there are too many forums/subforums to choose from, so this solution would help me satisfy both the users who want a way to restrict the flood of notifications they get, and those who get confused by lots of forum options.

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I've been thinking about this recently, and I have another related suggestion. It would be nice if there was a way to see the complete list of tags in use on a site, and optionally how many people are following each one of those tags. One problem I've had is people using similar but not identical tags, which is a problem if you are following only one of two similar tags. A comprehensive list (or at least a list of all tags being followed) would give would-be posters an idea of what tags they might want to add to their post.

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