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IPB 3.2 mass forum generator


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I have a suggestion for some improvement in IPB board. When I moved from vb4 to IPB3 I had a mod installed called " Mass Child forums" .

You want to create a forum/portal for e.g. traveling. It has many Forums, Categorys and Subforums :

Continent> Country> Federal State > City
Category> Forum > Subforum > Subforum or
Category> Subcategory > Forum > Subforum etc.

  • Europe
  • Europe> France
  • Europe> France > French Guiana
  • Europe> France > French Guiana > Cayenne
  • Europe> France > Saint Martin
  • Europe> France > Saint Martin > Margiot
  • Asia
  • Asia> Japan
  • Asia> Japan > Prefectures of Japan
  • Asia> Japan > Prefectures of Japan> Fukushima
  • Asia> Japan > Prefectures of Japan> Hokkaido
  • Northamerica
  • Northamerica > USA
  • Northamerica> Mexiko
  • ...

It would take serveral hours to create such a forum only for ( in this case ) Continents and Countrys. Maybe Days to include the federal States and their Capitals.

How to Make it easier for IPB-Users :rofl: ?

Create only the forums with the permission. Then Copy the permission for the new subforum. So you didn't must fill out the permission-matrix for each forum.

Add a form : Which Subforums you want to create under this Forum ?

Name of Forum 1 :
Name of Forum 2 :
Name of Forum 3 :
Name of Forum 4 :
... Name of Forum 10:

I can not programm php, but I should be really hard since this application must not make any stat ( e.g. a points-system or user of the month ).

When the board would have such I nice Interface for Forumcreation, you can focus on real andministration instead of an boring matrix :no: .

THX. Floh

Best regards from germany
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