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With the version checker in the ACP and a simple check in SQL for build number I do not think these issues would be that big of a deal. With 6 IPS sites under this account and 5 under another upgrades are a PITA. You have to remember to strip out images, favicons, and so on, on top of checking the init file, and do so on. I hat to admit it, but I skip updates on some of the smaller sites just due to not wanting to have to deal with this when another update is probably only a week away by the time the current one is stable.

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Problem isn't in the SQL it's in the PHP. What if we made a code change two versions ago and someone didn't update and then uploaded the wrong upgrade pack? Everything would break and cause chaos. Trust me, it happens. We are trying to come up with a solution but having trouble finding a way that won't cause such problems.

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Version checker seems to work to resolve that though. On a couple boxes ownership of a file was not to the account I was on, so like 2 out of 3000 were not updated. I went to ACPs version checker and it caught it right off. Two uploads later back in the game. Granted I re-uploaded everything as root later that day when I was home to be sure, but seemed to be an option. If nothing else an upgrade tar with no init, graphics, or favicons would be nice.

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Re: http://community.inv...1-upgrade-tars/

Ah we wish we could still do changed-files-only upgrade packs but they became a bit of a support nightmare. We would get scenarios like this:

We would release version 1.0.4 and also release an upgrade pack from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4

Someone would be running 1.0.0 and try to use the 1.0.3-1.0.4 upgrade pack

Mass-community-carnage would ensue

Critical ticket created

Our staff has to scratch their head to figure out what was wrong because, invariably, the person submitting the ticket didn't mention that they used upgrade pack

The upgrade packs were great for those that understood them but it created so much support overhead that it became counterproductive.

Given the wonderfully talented development team that IPS has, wouldn't this problem be able to be prevented by doing a version check prior to running the upgrade and simply giving an Access Denied output and tell the Admin to upload the rest of the board files prior to running the upgrade script if the board is on the wrong version?

TypIcally we hit a lot of files between even minor update releases so the need for an upgrade only pack is diminished.

Granted! However, uploading a tar and running a command via SSH is still much faster than uploading every file one by one. :smile:
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