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Downloads Posted Topic Templates

Marcher Technologies

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File Name: Downloads Posted Topic Templates

File Submitter: Marcher Technologies

File Submitted: 21 Oct 2011

File Category: Utilities

This Library Hook Extends Downloads Posted Topics by Moving the bbcode out of the source code and into Skin Templates.

  • Features Include:
  • Choose A Maximum Number Of Images to Post to Topics from Downloads Settings.
  • First Posted Image Is the Selected Screen-shot.
  • Separate Template for the First Image, Another For The Additional Images.
  • Customization Per Skin With BBCode Templating.
  • All items the CKE will parse automatically are usable... eg:
    <br />
  • Templating Documentation. (See Readme)
  • Caveats:
  • No Template LOGIC!, preloaded $vars
  • Author If Able to Edit Topic MUST Have Permission to Use Said BBcode.
  • The Topic Post Will NOT be Updated to Template Customizations Until Edit Of The Downloads File.
  • Custom Posted Topic BBCode Templates:
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_screen_first
  • First Screen-shot
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_screen
  • Loop Of Additional Screen-shots Limited By Settings, if More Than 1 is selected
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_name
  • File Name Template
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_submitter
  • File Submitter Template When No Link Available??? Dunno folks, was in the source code :tongue:
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_submitterLink
  • File Submitter Template Profile Link And Name
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_submitted
  • File Submission Date/Time Template
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_updated
  • File Updated(if any) Date/Time Template
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_CatLink
  • File Downloads Category Link Template
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> custom_fields
  • Custom Fields Posted Fields Template.
  • Category Settings ARE Honored.
  • (Downloads) Topic Templates -> file_desc
  • Download File $var Loaded Description Template.

Customize Your Communities Auto-Posted Download Topics Today. :sorcerer:

here to download this file

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Does this mod work on 3.3 series ?

I don't even have to test... no, actually working on upgrading it and cleaning up various bits in the code this week.... this is one of 2 I am factually aware of yet to be upgraded to 33 needing it.... i upgraded much everything else first simply as demand dictated it... working on this.... beyond simply making it WAI, i factually need to find a nice way of hooking in here... as the code stands now it is factually making 2 methods unhookable which is unacceptable.... I was unable to find a way around that before, hoping to spot one now with more experience.
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Does this mod work on 3.3 series ?

now it does.... also managed to accomplish what I mentioned above.... bit of a messy batch of string operations, but is more sanely implemented this way... i only have to keep up with changes to how the post content is being built in the downloads source... letting downloads take care of the rest naturally.
To put it simply, this rewrite reduces the chances of a version update breaking the mod, while also allowing other hooks to WAI in that class universally.
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