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"Ported" Hooks Block Collection

Marcher Technologies

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File Name: "Ported" Hooks Block Collection

File Submitter: Marcher Technologies

File Submitted: 20 Oct 2011

File Category: Utilities

This Set Of Ipcontent Blocks Includes:

  • Board:
These Are Some Of The Most Requested Blocks I have Seen, in which one simply wants it to Work right out of the box as the hook does. (Note, From Top of Sidebar Down to the Shoutbox is NOT hooks, they are these Blocks returning From a Single Hook.)
  1. [*]Fully Functional Latest Status Updates Block(+*). [*]Board Index Recent Topics. [*]Board Index Latest Facebook Activity(+#*).
  1. [*]Recent Blog Entries Block(#).
  1. [*]Latest Files Block(#).
  1. [*]Nexus Donations Block(#). [*]Nexus Support Requests Block(+#).
  1. [*]* Wrapper Javascript Required [*]+ 0-Cache Essential [*]# Accompanying Application/Hook Required. [*]All Return The Hook Templates from Skin.


[url= here to download this file

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