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the only thing I can think of is permission issues.

Permission to view history maybe?

Permission to view history has been enabled for the administrators group, and permission to view own history has been enabled for all groups already. The button simply doesn't show up.
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I don't know then, no other mod possibly taking the space the post history words use is there?

maybe, and its a pita, disable hooks one by one to rule out a conflict?

I am just tossing ideas out hoping one sticks :smile:

I've already tried that, unfortunately to no avail... This is really strange.
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Hi Pavulon,

You've updated the file to 1.0.6 on community.invisionpower.com, but on forum.invisionize.pl, where I originally purchased it, it's still 1.0.5.

Would you be able to generate a purchase for me on community.invisionpower.com, since I've already purchased it elsewhere, and it would be more convenient to receive updates on this site? Or can you update the file at pl?

Thanks a ton for the excellent mod.


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Is it possible with this mod to allow moderators to edit posts but to make those specific edits not show up for normal members (but to still allow members to see edits made by one another)? One frequent use-case for us is to have a mod edit out a copyright violation: I'd like to be able to see those edits so I can make sure mods aren't abusing it, but I don't want members to be able to see the original content (since that defeats the point of the deletion, they still have access to the illegally-copied material).

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