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ALT Tags on image attachments...


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Back in the day when the 'alt' tag was a problem for small images/icons and everyone with IP Board was ranking high for the keyword 'icon' I remember changing mine in a sorta black hat SEO kinda way to target 'music production' (as that is what my community is about). It was very successful and got our community much higher ranking.

Now I know that was a bit naughty because the icon image had nothing really to do with music production, but it showed me the power of ALT image tags, as I never realized there heavy weight before on Google's algorithm. Fast forward to today and I am wondering if there is a way to ALT Tag all user images in threads/posts with 'music production'.

Because I am a Music Production community I see this as White hat SEO and it would be a very handy feature in settings. I can see this helping all IP Board communities rank better in there chosen field, using there own default global ALT tag for image attachments in posts. Can this be easily done now? (like the icon one was easy to change in the language files).

Would it be good if all images attached in posts had the same global default ALT Tag? Could this possibly be a new feature to consider in the future? (If I have not somehow over looked it now - in which case my Apologies)

You could go even further and set it on a per forum section basis! Making the alt tags even more relevant to content and direct.

To expand even further again....

As with how members can use tags along side there own thread titles when creating a new one. We could perhaps in the future allow members to tag there attached images too when uploading (which would then be the ALT tag for there image instead of the global default one).

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I'm just thinking out loud and I haven't checked any code, but perhaps we could use the ALT text like 'Uploaded to $title' so that the topic title will appear in the ALT tag?

I quote:

"Always add alt attributes to images. Alt is mandatory for accessibility and for valid XHTML.

For images that play only a decorative role in the page, use an empty alt (i.e. alt="") or a CSS background image so that reading browsers do not bother users by uttering things like "spacer image".

Remember that it is the function of the image we are trying to convey. For instance; any button images should not include the word "button" in the alt text. They should emphasize the action performed by the button.

Alt text should be determined by context. The same image in a different context may need drastically different alt text.

Try to flow alt text with the rest of the text because that is how it will be read with adaptive technologies like screen readers. Someone listening to your page should hardly be aware that a graphic image is there."



I think you should give us the option to specify that ourselves :smile:
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Perhaps Matt's idea of the $title could add/affix to the image files actual file name once uploaded instead of ALT Tag (previously I wanted images stored in sub-folders in upload directory to know what images where from which forums).

Then as Enkidu says let us or/and our members be able to tag images for the alt properties (global or forum section default automatically added if none is set by member who uploaded).

I really do think this tagging for images will be good in many ways for IP Board and especially for IP Gallery (which I totally forgot about as I do not hold a license for it :sad: ).

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