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Download: (Flower) IP Content Portal


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File Name: (Flower) IP Content Portal
File Submitter: LacyFlowers
File Submitted: 14 Oct 2011
File Category: IP.Content

This file contains 2 portal styles, one has 2 columns and the other has 3 columns so you have option of styles. They are simple and easy to modify or adjust blocks.

Portal were designed using IPB default skin and is only supported as such, though most others should work. The 3 column portal make require a minor CSS edit to the inner wrapper width to achieve the best results.

Blocks included are:
Welcome Message,
Gallery (text of the last 5 images submitted),
Latest Video (modified from the stock IPS version),
Latest Topics,
Latest Posts,
Recent Articles,
Site Poll,
Calender Events,
Active Users,
Online Friends,
Newest 3 Members,
2-Blocks to insert custom content (text, pics, etc...)

Download for free here http://www.theadmins...ontent-portals/

Click here to download this file

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