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IP.SEO - add options to forum settings


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Now, I must say, the best feature added to IP.SEO thus far has been the Live Meta Tag editor. Let's admit, the automatic meta tags created by IPB creates crap, but not totally their fault. Mainly the users posting and the admins for putting in bad descriptions for each forum (aiming it towards users reading it rather than bots reading it).

Anyways, enough of praising the great feature, I think there should be one added to forum settings which would include the options when creating forums as well. Have extra fields that you can add like the Live Meta Tag editor so you can add the proper meta description and keywords right as you are creating the forum or even editing one. I think it would be best to add the fields right under the forum title and description but if that cannot be done and a tab must be added, I recommend just renaming the sitemap tab to "ip.seo" and include all that stuff in there.

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