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Several Issues - Bugs Still Around | Documentation


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It's simple posted, reply and ask many times over from any type of reply from IPS staff and even the CEO of IPS stays post in the feedback form and it will be handled like all feedback (Refer to ticket for more information) .It was stated that there will be new and improve documentation coming (June 2011 from the person whom write them.) Currently that has not been much of any thing updated to the documentation area officially supporting any of the new features or understanding of the software. Xenforo, vBulletin, phpBB have updated information manuals on their own software making them more competitive and strengths their products. So far the most of the focus has been on improving IPS products and not strengthening what is currently there and offering the current customers a better understanding of a product that they have.

Other staff members months+years ago said if we want to improve the documentations stated it in that thread or even reply to the article that the read was reading for help on. That been done, but I have yet to see improvements. Even in the new posted about IP.Nexus by Marked he highlights news features, I major downfall that has been ask was speak in your videos, offer a connecting to your watchers tell them what your doing. But we silent. This been a theme through out IPS. If you want to improve on products start out by listen to the customers that are here and offer some help to them. Were not asking to post a note and get back to us in a ticket but outline in details, how things work so we can learn why we came to use IPS from the begin.

This post is not met to be a bash on IPS or it's Staff but to enlightened them on some several issues that still has bugs they haven't be fix yet.

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