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Improved PM notification


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it would be great if we could have the following two options...

1) An admin selectable switch to reset the unread PM notification to nothing - i.e. to allow the admin to decide if (s)he would like to show to users at all times the number of unread PM's. (I keep forgetting to reply to PM's)

2) Allow the admin to set the PM pop-up box as default - currently most other options are selectable as default, but not this.

Regarding the second, I would then add instructions/link on the foot of the box as to how to disable the pop-up box if people did not want this, which would also direct people to select other options for themselves.

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I would prefer a box in the header saying "You have x private messages - Click to read"

They have something very similar to this in the phpBB forum software. I do not believe it would be that difficult as it would just be a link to the private messages inbox but getting it to come up when you have an unread mail or mails would be a bit difficult maybe.

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