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(Google) mod_pagespeed

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So has anyone had any experience using mod_pagespeed ?

Upon loading this I found that the editor on my site would not load. I had a hunch that it was based on how it was processing Respecting Vary Headers so I added ModPagespeedRespectVary on as suggested.

This got my editor to load, but not completely... ie... All the buttons in the editor were missing.

I've used this on vBulletin in the past... Don't know why it would be different for Invision.


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looks like it was effecting drupal too.


Seems that CKeditor fixed this in the newer release

Downloading the standard editor: CKEditor 3.6.2, released on 13 September 2011

Seems not to be affected by this bug.... I wonder how soon Invision will take before updating the editor
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