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Just to confirm, you are running CKEditor 3.6.2 which is the latest version that was released on the 13th of September?



Still same issue with right click menu.

It opens webpage context menu instead of text box context menu.

By default, ckeditor overrides the browser context menu with a custom one. The problem is, this disables the built in browser capabilities, namely spellcheck.

Unfortunately, some browsers (firefox for instance) do not register an editable wysiwyg area directly as a text area control but rather as a webpage control. IIRC, we reported this to ckeditor, but they consider it a firefox bug.
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I have AOL and IE, and I have the same issue. The editor does not work on my AOL browser. I've contacted IPS and gave one of the staff access to my AOL account so that they can investigate the problem. I was told that Matt is working on it. Hopefully, their lastest version of IPS will be compatible with AOL and other browsers.

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