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Problems with changing/removing poll questions


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A few months back I submitted the following ticket:

A member said he wanted to add two new questions to a poll and remove the old one. He did this by:

1. adding two new questions

2. removing the old question

3. saving the topic

But this caused problems since IPB still thought that the old question was in there. So when members voted they got a problem with the poll not accepting the votes because the old question was appearantly not completely removed from the database, but it was removed from the view.

He solved this by instead:

1. remove all questions

2. saving the topic

3. adding two new questions

4. saving the topic

While the problem clearly could be avoided by the user I think it might be an idea to see if you could improve the process of changing polls/removing questions, so members do not experience these kinds of troubles.

I got the following reply:


I ran through that process to see if I could see what you were referring to and I think I understand now. The issue is that IPB is showing members as already voted in a poll even if all questions are deleted and others created in it's place?

If that is the issue you are facing I'm not sure we can do anything about that. The poll is the same one even if the questions are changed at a later date. It is only by saving the poll with no questions that the poll is completely removed. We could trigger the poll deletion once the final question has been removed in the popup poll editor but what happens if the editor changes their mind and wishes to cancel the edit before the topic is saved?

Currently the implementation is working as intended but I would encourage you to post in the feedback forums with any suggestions you may have so the developers can consider changing the implementation for a future version.

I think you should consider changing how this is implemented, so it's less confusing for newer members. Couldn't you for example flag questions for removal when they're removed from the form and if that's set you could delete the question entirely upon saving. I mean, you already know that the removed questions shouldn't be displayed in topics (example, try voting in this poll: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/348457-poll-testing/ ) so it shouldn't be that hard to delete the question if it isn't displayed?
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