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Where can the BBCode be used? setting


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This is a minor thing, and probably won't be implemented, but I wanted to put it out there. Each bbcode has this "Where can the BBCode be used?" setting where you can define the different editors that bbcode works in. My suggestion is to swap this setting to be a list of editors to exclude rather than which ones to include.

What most often happens when this setting gets touched is that people want to restrict a certain bbcode from being used in a certain section. For example, most folks don't want media being parsed in the Shoutbox. So what folks have to do is go to the individual bbcode and change the default selection of "Available in all sections" to select every one except for the one they want to restrict this bbcode in.

Now that part right there is inefficient enough, but another problem manifests itself because of this. If you do this change above, and then later go and add a new application that has its own editors, this bbcode that you did restrict before will now also be restricted in that new app's editors. That's because what is saved is a list of which editors each bbcode is available in, and by choosing just which ones it is available in instead of which it is not available in, new editors won't get added to this list automatically. They only work for the other ones where you left the default "Available in all sections" value because that availability in all sections value is remembered.

If this is changed like what I'm suggesting, by default each bbcode would be unrestricted, and you could just choose which editors to restrict the bbcode from. This saves storage space by making it so you only have to store the one editor type you're restricting instead of the 36 others you allow it in. New editors would then come in unrestricted by default, even in ones where you had restricted the bbcode.

Obviously it might be a bit of a headache to perform this change on an upgrade, but I think it's worth it.

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