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Download: [K-F32] Countries Mod

Kyle F

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great hook thank you number1 :smile:
here are some 2.0 flag icons

i have a small problem, when registerting or editing the profil for the first time we get "Afghanistan" as country, user can save profile without seeing this value,

can we replace Afghanistant with a space or a gap to force user to choose ?

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BUMP/UPDATE: I will be doing a complete new version to this mod. I apologise for late replies in support, I have not been able to access my computer for over 6-8 months. All I had was a petty BlackBerry with the BlackBerry Bolt-on for Internet. :( - However, I now have my computer back, my dad has a new house (which I moved into), I had our Phoneline, TV and 100Mb Fibre Optic Broadband installed at our new house, and back online doing my web work! :)

Please be pateint for the new version, I need to get used to the new IP.Board version and it's coding. :hmm:

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I can't get this to work in ipb 3.4.5, all it displays is: attachicon.gifCapture.PNG

Works in 3.4.5. Try something like this:

<span class='ft'>{title}:</span> <span class='fc'><img src='/public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' title='{key}'></span>

User Info Pane: post-149935-0-37203300-1377153082.png

Hover Card (see below): post-149935-0-41794200-1377153133.png

Also, to put the result as text in the hover card, edit Templates, Profile, showCard. Have it read like this (assumes Profile Group named Profile Information and Key named countryflag in the custom profile field, replace as needed). For the flag, modify slightly based on img src above but using the $member variable below.

				<dd>{parse format_number="$member['posts']"}</dd>

To only show country code to people who can see profiles (i.e. maybe don't show profiles and locations to guests). Edit Templates, Global, userInfoPane to look similar to this near the bottom:

	<if test="canSeeProfiles:|:$this->memberData['g_is_supmod'] OR ( $this->memberData['g_mem_info'] && ! IPSMember::isInactive( $author ) )">
	<if test="authorcfields:|:$author['custom_fields'] != """>
		<ul class='custom_fields'>
			<foreach loop="customFieldsOuter:$author['custom_fields'] as $group => $data">
				<foreach loop="customFields:$author['custom_fields'][ $group ] as $field">
					<if test="$field != ''">

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Very sorry I've been inactive to give people support with this. I've been working on several different projects for the past year. I shall try and get back to working on the newer "Country Mod" soon. I am trying to make it into a "system" as to say, complete with a few Admin CP features and settings to instead of configuring in the ACP as a Custom Profile Field, all you'll have to to in the next version is to upload the country images to your FTP server and then import an XML file as a hook. My theory for it will be that you'll have to go to the "Manage Applications & Modules -> Manage Hooks" setting to continue configuring the mod, if that makes sense?

Essentially, you will be able to control it's settings right from within the Admin CP as far as turning on/off the mod, edit/add/delete country flag options etc.

This is what my plan is for the next version anyway. :)

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i don't have gif in my forum i have try code of prudated

directory imgs is in good folder


code span

<span class='ft'>{title}:</span> <span class='fc'><img src='/public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' title='{key}'/></span>

forum 3.4.5

i have just


i have resolved with

<span class='ft'>{title}:</span> <span class='fc'><img src='http://myurl/forum/public/style_images/imgs/country/{key}.gif' title='{key}'/></span>

i search to remove country behind flag

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