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Very minor bug (?)


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Using search...
Let's say I'm on a main page and I want to search for "something" in IPS Marketplace.
I type "something" then I open drop down menu.
At this moment "Forums" are checkmarked.
When I change it to IPS Marketplace I'd expect drop down menu to close.
It doesn't.
I see no reason for it to hang down there when I made my selection already.

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If I make 1 mistake in 50 searches it means that I don't need it open in 49 out of 50 cases.

I assume I shouldn't be leaving my house with an umbrella open because it rains every 50 days.

Ir doesn't make sense at least to me.

... I switch to the app to search before i input the term, whereby it closes.... it closes by click ... but say as noted i mis-click(when there is 7+ apps or so, and on a decent-sized monitor, its actually easy to mis-click) it would be ... quite annoying to have to open it back up.... to have it poof again the instant i stop hovering....
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