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(e32) Points Per Cash

(e) Eric

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I don't know what I am doing wrong - however no matter what settings I put I can not get this to show anywhere in my economy section.

I am having this same problem

Does it work if you change the setting to a different tab?

Did you upload all the files in the upload folder in addition to installing the hook?

Is the sidebar block showing within ibEconomy?

Make sure you save your group permissions so that you have access to it.

Are you running ibEconomy 2.0.4?

Also, if you have a demo account I can login with that would be good, because you have it set to disallow guests so I can't see anything.




All permissions are working

Installed Version: 2.0.8

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I wish merk_aus or noles replied to say how they got it working. since they didn't, I'm guessing it was something like a caching issue, like it will fix itself. You can try recaching things and see if that speeds it up.

Feel free to pm those guys to see if they did something to fix it. And cc me or post if you find the answer. :)

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I'll have to have a look to see what could be the problem, I'll look into it this weekend.

It actually fixed itself for bwyatt a day or two after he posted (just like it did for the other users) so I'm sure it will be fixed for you within a day or two. Again, try recaching apps, ibEconomy, etc. Also, visit around ibEconomy, like on the Cash tab where it should be, and try refreshing and hard-refreshing (CTRL-F5). If none of that works, let me know if you do find something that got it to show.

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Ok, I need help again. The system is working fine, and I love it - but I got another issue.

- When people use the Reputation System like "Like This" in posts, it ups the members total amount.
(I dont want that, I just want it to show whats donated, which it does just fine until someone likes a post. The persons post that is 'liked' is awarded more dollars which they havent actually donated))

- I have disabled everything possible in the configs for ibE. Forum-points in ibE are all set to '0.00'. Wheres the option to disallow giving points through the 'Like' buttons?

- To stop this from happening, I had to disable the reputations system. (but I really want it to function)

EDIT: Disabling the "Points Per Rep" hook solved that problem. (duuuuuuh) (thanks to Marcher for pointing to the hooks)

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