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Quick heads up, I'm not getting email notifications from this site today. I subscribe to each of my mod support topics with immediate notification, and the last couple of posts in those topics have not generated any emails to me.

Same... pm email notifications as well.... as a note... started "missing" them around 4am PST... last recieved at ~350am PST
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I have to click Follow this topic in the tracker each time even if I reply etc..

I noticed that as well, but in the forum. If you have "Auto follow topics I reply to" set in your preferences, new topics you start will be auto-followed, but not topics you reply to. Going to see if that's a known bug, and if not I will file one.

I was wrong, it just doesn't update the "Follow this topic" button at the top of the page when it does an Ajax refresh when posting a reply. Would be awesome if this button was updated. I had nearly filed a bug, but fortunately tested it a bit before doing so..

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