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Download: Make Root Admin Posts Undeletable/Uneditable


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File Name: Make Root Admin Posts Undeletable/Uneditable
File Submitter: NenaDice
File Submitted: 14 Sep 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This hook will prevent Moderators, Super Moderators and the other users in the Admin Group from editing and hard deleting the posts of the Root Admin. This is only for the posts, the Topics are not affected.

By default it protects the posts of the user with id 1. But if your id is not 1, you can enter the custom uid at the hook setting. Where you can also enable and disable each setting separately, for making posts of the Root Admin undelatable and uneditable.

After you install the hook.xml file, you can configure it to your needs and likings at its Settings area under the NenaDice tab.

here to download this file

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