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IP.Calendar - List event titles in calendar overview instead of the number of events


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I am interested in this topic. Our community is a heavy user of the Calendar feature. We have created 13 calendars. What would be the most useful to us is a Event listing format as opposed to a monthly display format. What that means is the default display would be a sequential display of a date, calendar event title, and calendar event description:

14 Sep 2011 - Shots at the saloon - description
09 Oct 2011 - Shoot out at the OK Corral -
27 Nov 2011 - Thanksshooting Dinner at Butch -
07 Feb 2012 - Wells Fargo money carriage - robbery of stagecoach at the Narrows

So the format for the page would look like what you have in IP Content, call it the blog listing display. A wide left column that contained the list of events 18 months out, and then a right sidebar that had Select a Calendar to View, and other features.

What would be ideal for 3.2.2 would be the ability to click on the event list above, and you see the individual event again, with a wide left column, and a narrow right sidebar with a list of RSVP's

I think this is what Dunhill is asking for? Anyway, there is definitely an interest here for a display as I have described. This is fairly common on the web as a display option.


- Brian

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Unfortunately, no thats not what I'm talking about.

You can achieve what you're after with a simple feed block in IP.Content.

As for what I'm after, I'm talking about the actual graphical calendar where it lists '(3) Events' etc for each day.

I would like it to just show what event is on each day, rather than a sum of the numbers.

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