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iRadio Hook

Andy Rixon

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hey dude, nice mod, have a few slight problems though
would have posted in your itsECO Tracker but it says Cannot start a new Issue

its installed right, but it doesnt display any of the icons needed to get the various players working in firfox}
tryied in incrome and where the images are to be there are wee error portrait pics

it also doenst auto start

heres my forum


could you please tell me whats wrong??

thanking in advance

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Glad you sorted it, there is an Installation file in the zip file that tells you how to install iRadio, please use that as your first point of support to make sure you installed it correctly.

As for the tracker issue you had, it is because you need to be a registered, and logged in member of ItsECO. Either way, this isn't something you would put in the tracker as it isn't a bug, either use the support topic here, or on ItsECO.

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I've installed iRadio on a 3.4.3 board and ensured that the relevant folder/files were uploaded before importing the Hook.

I've configured it and it will pickup the stream with no bother but there is however one issue. On the main forum page of


everything works fine with the Global Bar. But if you then navigate to a forum to read topic such as


the global bar then breakup as its missing all the images for the Globar Bar in it. I have noted that this is because once you navigate away from the landing front page of the forum the links for the images then become like below


Which as you can see, the iRadio hook for some reason adds the public/style_images/iradio_images/{imagehere.jpg} after the forum link.

Have I missed a trick?
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Hello Arcade2013,

The issue you are facing is not a problem with iRadio Hook itself, it is actually an issue with either your web hosts firewall, or you have some incorrect details.

Look at where it is meant to say the DJ name, it says "Unauthorised Server", that is a hint of your problem. This is not an iRadio issue.

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