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vCool for Tab & Desktop - 3.4 support


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File Name: vCool for Tab & Desktop - 3.4 support

File Submitter: GOT

File Submitted: 14 Sep 2011

File Category: Look and Feel

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

Premium light Skin.

Designed specifically for usability and faster content discovery. More reads Simply experience it here You can find the %7Boption%7D1. Instant status update Experimenting with status messages we found out they can be a really good context for conversation or engagement. 3.2+ default skin does not come with status update form in the hook. You need to configure hook to place it on main forum block. 2. Easy Navigation %7Boption%7D Easy navigation for new users. Eg one click new content discover right in main menu. Its more effective than " view new content " %7Boption%7DOld Change logs Fix bugs to support 3.4 - Removed grey border with soft shadow for better focus - Menu fixed - Button align - Status update hook updated - CSS fix

[*]Easy navigation [*]Elements focused according to user content priority [*]Faster load [*]Less learning for new members not familiar with forums. [*]Numerous improvements from old version based on feedbacks and analytics. [*]Do check change logs below [*]Now support IPB 3.4.x

Theme live Demo

mobile version of the skin here

[url= here to download this file

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Thanks for making such a great skin.

Could you please take a quick look at this site and see if everything looks normal?


We noticed the header file was from a previous skin we installed. Do you why this happened (while installing your skin, it does not update the header file)?

Also, the "Like this" button is in green color. Does your theme include a complete set of new icons?

Our Status update link does not work, do you know why?

How do I make changes to the various colors? such as border color, background colors?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Hi @Seanspeng,

I think I know what the problem is, to keep maximum compatibility for future version I only exported the customization and not the entire skin. To fix the problem simply make the default root IPB skin as your parent.

Steps : This should work. Let me know. About Icons Currently my focus was more towards usability & simplicity. I have paid less attention to icons and believed for time being one can use some nice icon set from Market :smile: However I am planning to include an updated file with new icon set which will be available for all. This might take time so no promises here :tongue:

[*]Go to looks and Feel [*]Go to Skin Settings for vCool skin [*]Set the parent skin as " None - Root Skin Set "

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Well that CMS is on SilverStripe, found it more customization and faster. Plus the framework gives us lots of opportunity to build modules & scale. :)

We recently migrated from WordPress to SIlverStripe. Its admin is not very optimized but customization power for a developer is awesome:)

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