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Download: XBOX Skin

Tom Wright

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File Name: XBOX Skin

File Submitter: Tom Wright

File Submitted: 12 Sep 2011

File Category: Tech Skins


Xbox Skin!
XBOX Skin is a Xbox.com Style skin that would be great for any XBOX related forum! It also the best quality and most up to date Xbox.com skin around.
I offer great support by E-Mail, PM and instant messenger for all customers.

What's Included?
-Logo .PSD so you can customize the logo easily.
-Logo Font (X360) to use if you want to customize the logo.
-Matching Team Icons with a PSD so you can make your own.
-Installation Guide for help installing the skin.

Why should I buy this skin?
I have had great feedback from my current customers and I offer excellent support, I aim to sort out any problems as quick as possible and make my customers happy!

Does it work with other IPS Apps?
Yes! I have made this skin compatible with the all the IPS Applications.
If you need the skin making compatible with another application that it is not already compatible with I will make it compatible!

Browser Support.
This skin works with all major browsers.

Check out my DeviantArt profile to see more of my work! http://ipbdesign.deviantart.com/

Click here to download this file

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Love the theme, but there is no XBOX360 font file included so we can't keep the font used in the logo.

You get can the font from dafont.com just search for "X360".

Also, major problem. Additional tabs don't showup on the primary nav, also the search bar isn't right aligned.


Please tell me more about these problems, I don't see them. You can add me on AIM if you want it will make it much quicker.
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At first: Thank you for this very nice and clean style :smile:

But I got a little problem, which I don't know how to solve. I use the Addon ProMenu here from the MarketPlace. It works very well, but if I use a second level menu it will show the menu and opens also the second level menu by mouse over but the entries in the second level menu have no background color and a white text. So white text on white background from the page isn't very good to read :smile:

So my problem now is I need a background color for the secondary menu. But i dont't now how to do. So maybe if you find some free time you could have a look at my page http://onlinegilde.net and help me with that problem. The Hoe tab in the menu have a second level menu entry called forum. You will see it if you hover Home and then go slowly down with your mouse. Because by mouse Over the background of the menu entry switch to green.

Thank a lot


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