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Download: Whispers Skin

Ajouz ♞

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Hey.. I really need some support for this skin.

sorry for lateness in reply , I did not get any notification about new posts in this topic .

the skin made for 3.3.x version and not for 3.4 versions ,

so if you did not notice this when you bought it please contact the marketplace moderator about this , or if you prefer I can a switch to one of my 3.4.x skins

if you want this please inform me using

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Hi Ajous, i have almost the same problem. I bought Whispers 3.3.2, but as i can uderstood from your post there will be no update for this skin for 3.4.2.

Can I switch to Maxx Skin (Dark) 3.4.2 build 3 ?

yes you can , I generate a purshase for your account and you can download it now from

Best regards .

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