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Calendar needs List View


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I would like to suggest the Calendar application have a List View (like the Agenda View in Google Calendar), in addition to the current options of Month View, Week View, and Day View.

My board typically has dozens of calendar events spread out over the next several years. Its just not practical for visitors to skim through many months to find out about new events.

A simple List View would solve this, in which the list of upcoming events would be displayed with the dates and titles, and perhaps an option to show part of the description as well.

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That does offer a partial solution, for which I thank you.

But why resort to a hack when you can have a built-in feature? I'm glad your solution is working for you, and I don't mean to denigrate it, but it does have several disadvantages:
  • the "list view" is not integrated with the other calendar views, or with the calendar app in general
  • the "list view" is titled "New Content" rather than "Calendar", which could be confusing for users
  • there is no way to create a new calendar event from the search results page
  • there is no sort functionality on the search results page. it looks like they are displayed in reverse chronological order (or maybe that's just the order they were entered, I don't know). If "list view" was built into the calendar app there could easily be some ACP settings specifying the default sort order
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Marcher Technologies has a new hook available to download: Calendar List View 1.0.0

File Name: Calendar List View

File Submitter:

Marcher Technologies

File Submitted: 02 Jun 2012

File Category:

Hooks and Plugins

This Hook Will add a Paginated List View to IP.Calendar showing All Public Events for the Currently Viewed Calendar.

Birthdays, Personal, Queud and Custom Permission Events are NOT included in this Listing.

Click here to download this file

It's doesn't have all the features I'd like to see, but its a vast improvement over no list view at all.
Nice job, Marcher.
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