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Mad Scientist on Debian | Varnish + Sphinx --- help please

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(Apache2 + Varnish + Memcached + PHP-FPM + PHP5-APC + Percona (MySQL) + Sphinx + LATEX + Cloudflare)

Yes, please excuse the title, but at this point that's about how I feel (crazy man with a server). I'm willing to learn and god knowing, I've not yet given up. A lot of trial an error has taken place. So please do not knock me down for trying (or being mildly new to linux).

The goal?

Have Varnish as the front end over Apache2

Using Percona (MySQL) powered along side with Sphinx

Along with PHP5-APC with Memcached (I've been informed this combo works, but can ditch Memcached and stick with PHP5-APC)

And for those odd ends, Latex support

And finally, it all need to ping well with Cloudflare (provide real IP's and not cloudflare IP). If you know a free alternative I'm open minded.

So what do I have done so far?

Percona (MySQL)
Sphinx (Debian copy)

All are installed. :)

Apache2 + PHP-FPM + Php5-acp + Percona (MySQL) all configured :D (and more importantly, working)

So where am I lost?

The big issue seems to be getting Varnish + Apache2 to play nice. :( Typically this leads to my CPU maxing out and staying at a firm 100% (oh noes!)

I've managed to install Sphinx (Debian copy)... And I'd like to use the Debian build as it would be easier to maintain + Sphinx from the Sphinx site never seems to be able to find MySQL (Percona). But documentation on the Debian build seem to be hard to come by (can't even figure out the paths).

What have I tried?

I've followed a few things. But I've revered back. Attached at my last attempt. I've already revered back, but maybe someone can see where I am going wrong here by seeing my last attempt. Basic apache, varnish, and php config files.


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