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Download: Wave Ultimate Ranks


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File Name: Wave Ultimate Ranks
File Submitter: BrajLanT
File Submitted: 12 Sep 2011
File Updated: 15 Sep 2011
File Category: Group Team Icons

Wave Ultimate Ranks

Technical Details

  • Editable text
  • PSD file
  • 6 Transparent PNG files
  • Sweet graphic

How to Install:
  • Unzip the files and upload all the .png files to /public/style_extra/team_icons folder via your FTP Client.
  • Go to your ACP and go to Member Groups -> Manage Member Groups.
  • Then Click the Group you wish the change the rank image for and tell IP.Board where the image is. Ex: public/style_extra/team_icons/admin.png

Click here to download this file
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No offence intended, these are nice looking ranks but i'll be highly surprised if anyone buys them at $7 :no: ............not having a dig or anything just trying to be helpful, if you look thro the marketplace you will see entire skins on sale for $8 so you can imagine the chances of selling ranks at a price very close to that.
Nice work tho, very eye catching :)

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