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File Name: View Anonymous Permissions

File Submitter: Wolfie

File Submitted: 14 Apr 2010

File Category: Moderation Tools

Allows you to set permissions on what groups can view anonymous members, instead of just having admins being able to view them. This will affect how they show up on the main board index, in the active user lists for topics and forums, and in the online list.

here to download this file

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This is exactly what i have been looking for, just wondering if this still works on 3.4.x ?

Just wanted to follow up to anyone else needing to use this that the 3.2 / 3.3 version of this hook works without any errors on 3.4 :thumbsup:

I was gonna reply saying that there haven't been any complaints yet, so I would assume that it's still working. Thank you for confirming it though, it at least answers the question. :)

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