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How long is it until commissions are approved and paid?


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I have a round number of $ in cosmmissions in the IPS Afflitate Program. I am wondering how long will it take to get them approved and paid to my paypal account? I have been receiving cosmissions before, and after a few days they were approved and i was paid. Currently, it seems it is slower, or there are some problems?

My non-patience is caused because I am not long away from owning a IPB licence.


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Its friday and I have not yet have seen a approval on my affliate account.

Well, I am talking about the cosmissions from the IPS Affliate Program, not the MarketPlace Author Cosmissions. :smile:

Oh idk about the affiliate program. For the marketplace one though it doesn't happen usually until like 4pm CST (guessing). I'm assuming it's the same for both.

@bfarber ~ Yeah it was changed recently because IPS was making a loss off of people instantly requesting payout at $10.
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Got one more question, while viewing my commissions stats (Pending and Denied/Accepted)

under my pending ones, there is one denied. Why? Is there any reasoning behind deniying a commission?

The most likely reasons are the same as other affiliate programs - the purchase failed fraud screening and was denied, the customer charged back the transaction, or the program manager had reason to believe the purchase was you (I doubt it's that one though).
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