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Some Advice is Needed (Sensitive Issue)


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I've recently discovered that another IPS Customer is violating IPS' license agreement by distributing "nulled" versions of the IPS software through his warez site and the evidence I have is too strong to refute. However, I tried sending a PM to Michael, the Moderator of the marketplace, and he's not accepting PM messages.

If a license holder discovers such evidence, how does one go about reporting this violation since it involves a current license holder. Might I say that the evidence I have links the license holder to the warez site and he's also distributing premium skins, apps, hooks and mods that other marketplace sellers are selling through here.

I might add that this involves a new license holder.

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I just felt that it's wrong for anyone to distribute good quality products like IPB for free when it's because of our support of a legal license allows IPS to continue to develope, improve and provide decent software for us to use.

You're absolutely right. I've reported a few sites myself.

A lot of people think no one gets hurt in pirating content, but they're wrong. It is not only the hard-working efforts of software developers who put their time, effort, skills, and general knowledge who lose out when someone does this. But the customers (us) who lose out when prices go up to recover for such loss.

I have no pity for those who would wrongfully take such actions.
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Thanks Doolittle. If any third party developers want a list of these sites so they can file their own DMCA takedown notices, just send me a PM with proof that you're a third party addon premium developer.

For those that I haven't reported to about these sites, and I have reported on over a dozen of these websites, it seems they continue to pop up, from time to time. I think I've reported on about 20 different websites that distribute this content and some new ones have even been popping up recently. The new trend is that some are purchasing a license with the sole intent on distributing this stuff.

I just find it wrong when there are thoise of us who have paid for the IPB license, IP Content license and they're using this software for free. I support the the IPS Product line, as I always have since 2004.

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