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A couple of suggestions for tags


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Not sure if any of these have been mentioned, or are planned but here goes.

1. Read-ahead tags. I.e you start typing in a tag and if it's already been used before it will list it for you to choose. So say I type tod and the tags today and todo have been used previously, they will pop up as suggestions.

2. The ability to type your own tags and select from a predefined list. Currently we can only allow users to either make up their own, or choose from some predefined ones. A combination of the two would also be a nice option.

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Another +1 to this idea.

I like to allow members to add their own tags, but it means we're getting a lot of near-duplicates that all lead to different posts. Eg: watermark, watermaking, watermarking photos, and watermarks all only lead to a single thread each, and it would be much more helpful to have a single tag suggested as the user was typing, so only one relevant tag would be used and would then lead to all threads about that subject.

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