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eaccelerator and the cache management page?


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Nope. xcache for example has seperate "varibles cache" which is what the globalconf cache setting for IPB is using:

; same as aboves but for variable cache

xcache.var_size  =			4M

xcache.var_count =			 1

xcache.var_slots =			8K

opcode is not the same. :smile:

Ok, now I'm confused

What you are saying is that IPB doesn't use APC/xCache to store variables, only Memcached?
IPB only use APC or xCache as an opcode and Memcached to store variables?


PS: English isn't my primary language, sorry :)
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It's not what I'm saying, but its a fact that APC and xcache do opcode AND variables caching for IPB. Eaccelerator on the other hand removed variables caching from all versions after Since PHP 5.3 eaccelerator ONLY caches opcode.

I use eaccelerator on my IPB but setting... $INFO['use_eaccelerator'] = '1'; in conf_global.conf is useless with the new version unless you are still using eaccelerator (old 2007 version). Which is NOT PHP 5.3 compatible. :)

Eaccelerator is compatible with PHP5.3 but it does NOT support variable caching.

I use EA with php 5.3 and then I set:

$INFO['use_memcache']	=  '1';

$INFO['memcache_server_1']   =  '';

$INFO['memcache_port_1']   =  '11211';

Since eAccelerator is not capable of caching that anymore.

If you don't understand dont worry about it. :smile:


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