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Searching topic for posts display results as topic list. One topic exactly


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Well... I feel so silly I need to post this in a feedback forum because developers think it's not a bug. This reminds me recent Mozilla bug report where Asa Dotzler suggested to drop version in about dialog, but this is a reverse case. It's already done in 3.2.x. Basically the problem is this:

When you enter a thread and would like to search in this thread (the upper right search box), results are displayed as topic. Well, exactly one topic, this topic. It was displaying posts fine in 3.1.x, but not in 3.2.x.

I created a bug report: http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-33039-search-this-topic-displays-results-as-topic-list/ And received the answer it is not a bug. I guess it's a feature then. Could anyone explain me this feature please?

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I've found that the search instantly becomes three times as useful with this simple skin edit.

Go to your global template, find the form with the id #search-form, and add the following code somewhere inside it:

<input type='hidden' name='search_app_filters[forums][noPreview]' value='0' checked='checked' />

It forces IPB to display the search results as individual posts. I remember there was an issue earlier with IPB that it would only return one post per topic, but it appears to have been fixed in 3.2.2, so make sure you're using that if it's not working as it should.

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