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Download: DustBlue [codegame.net]

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Is there a way to make the mouse-overs a solid background (pop up messages and mouse over member names) instead of transparent? It is difficult to read. (See attachments). I can't find where to change that in this skin. Otherwise it looks awesome!

Here are how mouse-overs look:


And on popups here is how it appears:


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seems theres a issue with downloading the file now


Sorry, you don't have permission for that!


We're sorry, but you cannot download files from our Download Manager. If you are seeing this message, it is because you do not hold an active IPB license. If this is a mistake, please contact an administrator. Otherwise, why not show your support for IPB and purchase a license?

If you hold a perpetual license for the software, you need only purchase the yearly support option to gain full access to this site."

this seems to be only one giving the issue

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