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About to take back the nice things I've said....


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I guess when it's your own site that's screwed up, you hold support to a higher standard. I have been very supportive of IPS and their support but this week, it is SUCKING big time. We're about to roll into the weekend too when support is almost non existant.

I have open tickets that need to be addressed ASAP and i'n not having much luck getting you guys to respond.

What's up this week?

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Some of the staff may live in the east coast of the United States and are affected by evacuations / precautionary measures per Hurricane Irene.

This could possibly be it. Considering the IPS Office is in Virginia, and that's where the earthquake happened and hurricane that's coming.
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Hi Chris,

I assume you're referring to your conversions ticket since all your other tickets created over the past week (of which there's 5) are now closed or resolved, apart from one which received a reply a few hours ago.

Our conversions specialist was away yesterday, and will be back Monday.
I should mention though, that the guaranteed response time is 48 hours. While we are usually able to deal with requests much faster than this, that is the guaranteed time as per your license.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns :smile:

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