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Video Chat/Conference Option?

• Jay •

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Our members would love to have a way to integrate video into IP.Chat.

We have a member that does her own "internet radio" show on stickam, and we'd like to run our own weekly show directly on the board. It would be awesome if we could use IP.Chat to do this. No doubt it'd cost more than simple chat, but I'm open to pricing options from the staff to see what's possible.

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video / audio chats require a FMS (Flash Media Server), which doesnt come "cheap".. Unless someone there at IPS, has some really good smarts to work around that.. O_o.. But would be kinda good, I run a Internet Radio station also... and the chat is used alot when DJ's are on air..mainly for audio though we just use TeamSpeak, as I can run that off my server.. VIdeo though, would be really good, in not having to use istream or something like that.,


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thought latest vent did video streams.

Latest Version:  3.0.0

Voice communication with multiple people.

Cross channel communications.

Phantom users for listening in on other channels.

User-to-user private conversations.

Individual channels that can be created dynamically.

Sub channels.

Muted channels.

Queued channels.

Channel transmit time limits.

Channel client limits.

Channel feature filtering.

Password protected server login and channels.

Advanced channel control options and filters.

Individual admin passwords for channels.

Text-to-speech (TTS) voice generation.

Key binding to execute special program functions, play wave files, send TTS messages.

Separate phonetic spelling of user and channel names for proper TTS.

Built in chat similar to IRC.

Users can enter dynamic comments for all other users to see.

User assigned names for server connections. No need to remember IP numbers.

Wave file or TTS event notifications for program events.

Remote administration of server features and current users.

Remote administration of persistent server properties.

Mute Microphone and Mute Sound with key binds for both.

User adjustable sound effects.

Persistent mute states for specific users on a given server.

Persistent channel admin passwords.

Persistent special effects including surround sound for users, channels, servers, global.

Built in server browser.

Ability to record and playback voice streams. Great for watching demos with associated voice comms.

Voice activation or Press-to-talk transmission modes.

Binds to change channels or cycle through all available channels.

Multiple platform support for servers.

Multiple platform support for clients.

Servers are now ready and supported on 64bit platforms.

The clients and servers do NOT contain any Ad Ware or Spy Ware features.

Ability to restrict server admin features. Useful for hosting services.

Server specified codec's to control voice quality and bandwidth usage.

User customization of display modes.

User customization of user list icons and toolbar icons.

Clients will soon support *NIX platforms.

Portable cross platform server.

No sir, it does not :D

But would be pretty fancy if it did do video.. So many vent users..

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