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A Few Chat Suggestions from An Extensive User

Angel Knight Phil

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Hello! Out of all the IP.Board applications, I'd argue that my community uses IP.Chat far more than any of the others. And so far, our experience has been great! Well, mostly. I do have a few suggestions:

1. Moderation Hierarchy - Currently, there are two levels of moderation on IP.Chat: either you're a mod, or you're not a mod. If you're a mod, you instantly get the ability to ban or unban members - even other mods. This means that my regular moderators can kick or even ban me, an admin. More customizable moderation settings would be extremely helpful, including the ability to be unkickable, unbannable, or unignorable by lower level mod groups.

2. Fixing the Ban System - Currently, it's very easy to ban someone; you click the ban button, and that's it. There's no confirmation or anything. And once you've done that, the only way to unban them is from the ACP. A confirmation after you've clicked the ban button would be extremely helpful, as would some way to access and edit the ban list directly from the application (and maybe have it only accessible to certain mod levels a la my first suggestion?).

3. Show All Emoticons Button - A problem that my board recently had was that our large amount of emoticons was lagging the chat. Removing the emoticon button from the chat's editor fixed our problem, but after this, I noticed that clicking the emoticon button in the Chat application showed the entire list of emoticons, rather than the ones checked to be shown at the beginning in the ACP with a "Show All" button underneath, as is done with every other application. Why is this? Would it be possible to have it changed to be more inline with the rest of the IP.Board applications? Were that done, the problem my board recently faced would not have happened at all.

And... that's all I have for now. Thank you for your time everyone, and if you agree that we need those features, help support them!

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