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Suggestion: Adding Windows Live Login To EXISTING User Accounts


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Hi Invision,

After a submitting a ticket for help with the Windows Live login functionality, the flow of the conversation got around to how to add WL login capability to existing accounts. We discovered that unlike Twitter and Facebook Connect, it is actually not possible to do this for Windows Live on IPB3.2.x, so here I am suggesting it as a feature for a future update. I'm sure most people who are looking at using alternative logins for the boards will already have a Twitter or Facebook account already, but I suppose having an additional login route never hurts. Besides Uncle Bill might get upset that IP isnt letting Windows Live have the same shake of the stick as Twitbook. hehe.

Thanks for a great update in IPB3.2.1. Its received a LOT of positive feedback from my board's member base, and believe me when I say my board's members rarely offer positive feedback! :D

Thanks for reading this.


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