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PLEASE fix your search here!


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I am getting so frustrated that I am about to stop even coming to this site because of this. I have reported it over and over and people act like I am crazy even though others report the same problem.

When I create a new post, most NEVER show up in "My Content" and when you search for posts by me, they are not there either. Sure, some show up a few hours later, but some never show up at all!

It's become nearly impossible for me to keep track of my posts here.

Totally frustrating. :(

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Shows for me when I go into your profile. I found both of your posts above. I also found the reply I made in my own profile that I made in another thread about 15 minutes ago minutes ago.

You're probably checking too soon. IPS use Sphinx and my guess is it rebuilds the search results something like every 15 minutes.


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Hmm... maybe this is an issue with the sort by options then.

Check out these two screenshots that i just took. The first one i've selected "topics and posts" and the second one i've chosen "Only Topics". In both scenarios I have it set to sort by last update time, and descending.

As you can see.... when i am on topics AND posts, this thread does not even appear even though it was the last updated. But while on "Only Topics", it's right there at the top.

I had to dig 7 pages deep to find this topic that was just updated....

It doesn't seem to matter if you set last update time to ascending, or descending, the last updated thread is NEVER on the first page..



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I've one very bad problem. I installed sphinx on my VPS, I set up a sphinx and IPB 3.0.0 . Search work very well. But if I want to see new posts, I cann't do it. How can I correct it? This is forum: http://www.ruswiss.ch/club/index.php?act=idx . It's russian, but you can see http://www.ruswiss.ch/club/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=new_posts&search_app=forums that "new posts" doesn't work.

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