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Marketplace/seller feedback area needed


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Ok, so after purchases at IPMarketplace something needs to be done about sellers that do not support their products and do not mention they do not. Others who purchase out of there deserve to know what they are getting into. Just like ebay IPB needs a feedback section for each seller where they can give honest and valuable information to others so they can make a common sense purchase. Lots of things can be looked at here.

Quality of product
Quality of support
and more...

At some point because the products are sold through the IPB system and the products are about IPB, IPB should consider this option. Personally, if I knew someone slacked on supporting something I would never in a hundred years purchase from them. Taking someones money and not giving a quality product or support is not a good fueling additive to produce a more trustworthy place or purchase. There's more to it than "give me your money and get lost"

Now, not all developers are like this. As a matter of fact there's some great stuff in the marketplace that I've purchased and I would like to give positive feedback on it also. That info should be located in one place so someone else could reference that too.

Just a few thoughts here. Not everyone is honest and straight forward. For that I ask something be looked at.

Kindest Regards

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We do require authors to support their submissions, if they are not being supported for a long period of time with no sign of resolution, they are quite likely to be removed. This is in the Marketplace Guidelines

Support / Update Requirements

Authors that submit to the IPS Marketplace would be required to keep their submission up to date as we release updates and provide support as needed (those that don't would be delisted). Authors can provide support on their own site or via support topic on our forums.

We've enabled the comments system too, to provide feedback on each resource. :)

My initial advice as I've said before purchase is to examine the support topic for the intended purchase, to see what the support is like and / or if much support is indeed needed.
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My error for not reading the Marketplace sellers guidelines and thank you again Andy for the response. I will personally start using the feedback when purchasing or needing assistance if it's required. I do a lot on ebay so I know the importance of this feature when wanting to spend some hard earned cash.

Kind Regards

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No problem at all and you're welcome. The guidelines do need to be displayed a bit more prominently, although there is a pinned topic in the Support Topics forum with a link to them.

The problem at the moment (for me and Michael at least) is around 50% to 60% of new submissions lack documentation which results in a PM conversation to rectify. :) , in some cases I'll even write the docs for them (they just need to update their submission with them) to save time although usually that's for first time submitters or those where English may not be their first language so I try to help out.

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