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Thanks for great app :smile: Love it

Think i have found a hardcoded phrase

My issue in Pic, The name *Group* Seems to be hardcoded, cant find it in acp to translate


And this photo is a show *How my look like* Hope you like it


Cheers Chris

Thank you for reporting me this! :) I'll correct the issue now :)

Those images are really really cool, indeed! Brace yourself, users are going to ask you them! :D

I'm sure I edited the corect skin, I added the same thing in public/style_css and nothing changed.

Ooops, my bad! I linked you the wrong post, sorry! >_<

in that document find

.author, .ipsComment_reply_user {

replace with

.ipsComment_reply_user {
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Me again hihi :)

Run into another issue with swedish characters.

When i click an application to view as moderator and have group with *Mod Note*

an i write something with swedish å ä ö is working when i click *update*

And i leave from that page and go back a later time and when i look my note then is some wierd characters

seems is not use utf-8 the right way . any idea what couse this ? see pic below


Cheers Chris

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I have already fixed those 2 issues, but cannot reproduce the the third one.

Be informed that Invision Power Editor is not excellent sometimes (I had to reinstall my testboard because the editor was not showing anymore, and it was a brand new installation!! :S ), so be sure you don't have multiple white spaces. :)

Let me know :)

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For each group, you can decide wether to create a new thread or post in an already existing one.

All applications will be posted into the forum you specified. :smile:

What do you mean with position application?

If i create 3 different staff applications, can i have each of them sent to different forums of my choice, rather than ALL applications of ALL positions/groups i create being sent to the same forum?

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