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PM action failed on IPB 3.0.4


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Hi all !
I'm from Italy

I've tried to search my issue on forum search but nothing exactly has appear

so this is my " bug " on IPB 3.0.4

everyone that try to send a PM appear an error message action failed


I don't know exactly where I must to go for to fix this
in system setting or it must to be fixed on database ..

if someone have some suggests please ...write ! %7Boption%7D

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You would need to post in the Support area of the forum or submit a ticket in the Client Area for help with your forum as you've posted in the Feedback forum. :) 3.0.4 is (relatively) quite old now and there was a 3.0.5 too which would of addressed some issues although I do not recall the one you've posted about being one of them.

The whole 3.0.x series is end of life too.

If you're having trouble accessing your account, please use the same email / password you used when you purchased IP.Board originally or you can email accounts@invisionpower.com for help if you cannot access your account. Thanks. :)

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