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I set the group permissions and created departments/asociated forums and whenever I clicj on the Contact Us buttom, I get an error on the next page, but there's no text of the error and whatever I do / try setting up in Admin, it's always the same unknown error.

This was tested on my localhost copy of my live board.

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Ok, you're right. Forgot a damn language bit! %7Boption%7D

Althought you are using TOPICS, this is happening because you didn't chose the groups to receive PMs. I know you gonna say you're topics, anyway... I just reuploaded the app and kept the version.

For those who already installed it, just add this language bit in your Look & Feel -> Manage Languages -> your language -> Contact Form tab -> in line of public_contactus, clique on %7Boption%7D and fill:

Key: mpnone_admin
Default Text: There's no groups selected to receive PMs. Please contact an administrator for assistance.

Save it.

You're done.

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There seems to be an issue with the announcement message, the inputed text isn't actually get put into the pre-defined wrap and is instead being put into it's own <p>.



Notice in the second one that it's suppose to be in <p class="message">, but instead got put into it's own <p> below. It's like this on the default IPB skin as well. I looked around in the templates and codes a bit and couldn't come up with anything, so yeah.

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small problem ,, im getting the error above upon submission

benny, took a look and this happens probably because the user you chose as topic author has no permission to create topics in specific forum you chose OR you chose a read only/redirect forum or a category.

Just wanted to point out "Department" is misspelled as "Departament"

My bad... I'll make it right.

It is working fine here i only get this message when i used contact form

This is weird... this should be replaced by the setting value. Never saw that...
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It worked on my test board fine yesterday, but today I find that the Announcement Text is replaced by 'Array' and the spam question text has disappeared - replaced by '1', with another 'Array' beneath and the recaptcha has disappeared. %7Boption%7D No worries because it's only the test board.

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