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Avatar Oddity

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It can take up to 24 hours.

Wouldn't this problem be avoided by having the upload tool use a different name for each uploaded avatar?

I mean, I know that by using the same name, it makes overwriting old avatars easier code wise, but it also leaves orphaned files when people change avatar file types. For example, when replacing avatar.jpg with avatar.png, avatar.jpg is left behind for no good reason. Multiply that by thousands of members, and you have a serious problem. :)

Since CDN's and services like CloudFlare are becoming popular, I think it'd be a good idea to make the script delete the old avatar when a new one is uploaded, and assign a new name to each avatar, like av-1_1.png, av-1_2.png, av-1_3.png, and so on.

That way, there would be no orphaned files and the new avatar would show up immediately. :smile:
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I second this.. It appears many of my members are frustrated with trying to change their avatars.. I checked the server and the new image does appear correct when I download it, however CloudFlare likely cached the image which is why they don't see it right away.. I agree with the above logic, if users have the ability to change their avatar pics, then appending the avatar by 1 will definitely resolve the issue... Hope this will be considered.

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