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IP.SEO - More sitemap options (hot threads, stickies, number, etc)


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I'd like to see more options for our sitemaps: Side note, should I have created a separate topic for each of these? %7Boption%7D

[*]Not sure how IceLabz pulled it off but for their sitemap, they could include all threads. I don't see why IP.SEO can't do that without having to manually run queries. A solution should be found IMO. [*]IceLabz also had the ability for you to break up the sitemaps to include however many links you want in them. I haven't done much digging and I'm not sure how much IP.SEO has in them, but would be nice to have that option if #1 can be had. [*]Prioritize more. Give us the ability to prioritize hot threads and sticky threads. (note: Thank you for the ability to remove forums from sitemaps and setting priorities for each! Finally something I feel is a great addition.) [*]Just like the ability to remove forums, have the ability to remove threads, pages, databases, etc. That way I can stop getting errors in my Google Webmaster Tools stating that there are errors because some links in my sitemap are blocked by my robots.txt. [*]Have the option for the sitemap to always include (in addition to the 1k, 5k, 10k, etc threads the users chooses) stickies, announcements, and/or hot threads.

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