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File Name: Monthly Post Stats

File Submitter: Mikey

File Submitted: 31 Mar 2010

File Category: Utilities

A simple Admin CP application that lets you display the top 10 posters and top 10 topic starters for a selected month. Has settings to let you choose whether forums that do not increment the post count are included in the counts, how many members to show for each list, and groups to exclude from the lists.

here to download this file

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Michael, a few questions if I may......

1) We're running on a board converted from vB, and we are unable to change the year from 2010 back to 2009 to get old stats, is this because we've migrated or is it intentional that only the current year is covered?
2) Is there any chance of an option to run the data over a larger period, say a year?
3) Is there any way this can be accessed from outside of the ACP (visibilirty protected by group permissions)? Asking as I want my Mod team ideally to be able to run their own stats, but do not want to give them access to the ACP at all.


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1) It should be looking at your board_start timestamp in your conf_global.php file to grab the time your board was set up. I don't know how that setting works with vBulletin converted boards. Do you even see that value in this file? If so, you should be able to modify it to an earlier timestamp to look back further.
2) There isn't any way with the way the mod is currently working, no, it's all hard-coded to look for just certain months.
3) It's an Admin CP only application, but you could grant certain members/groups Admin CP access to just this page.

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Cheers Michael,

1) Sorted - the timestamp was in there, but only from when IP.Board was loaded. I changed the stamp back to when the vB site was created and I can now go back in time perfectly.
2) Okay understood
3) I've now run all the data manually so just have to run it for them once a month now.

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Hi Michael

I was sent to your plugin via this thread about counting

I'm new to IPB but I think I have your module installed properly, I see it in the "my apps" drop down, but when I click it there, I get sent back to the main control panel. I never see the stats like you show in the screenshot.

Any clues? I'm using 3.1.2 and everything was transferred from a VB forum by the IP staff a few weeks ago.

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