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Follow-up on warned users?


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Hello everybody,

The moderation team of our board pointed out at what I think could improve moderation for lots of people with large boards and some super-moderators.

When a profile is given a warning, the moderator has the possibility to select the option to get all future message (or for a time given) approved by a moderator.

Thing is, with over 100.000 users, it is a pain to keep track of all warned members to make sure someone will read their post for approval in a timely manner.

Of course the moderators can find the topics and messages awaiting for approval, but to be able to target only one user is a feature that I think would allow a better and more pedagogic way to moderate rather than a general view of where moderation is needed. Hence my following suggestion:

Ideally, when warning a member and choosing to restrict him by making all his posts awaiting for approval, the moderator should be able to:

  • Set notifications for himself to be alerted when the user posts a new topic/post (for temporary restriction would be great)
  • Set an alert in the report centre in case the user needs to be watched closely (more interesting for those that are restricted indefinitely)

*Once the warning is linked in the report centre:
  • Add a comment to that report every time the user posts a message (so the notifications from the report centre would inform the team there's a post/topic to be approved)

This would IMHO improve a lot the moderation, especially when the number of users to moderate is important and the moderators in a limited number.

We are implementing the hook from Michael for the queued items to be able to catch up with the content awaiting for approval hoping that this will be a default feature in some future version, soon. These two features should make moderating a way easier task and more fair to the users, giving them a better chance than simply getting banned because that's too much work to follow-up on each one of them.

Am not that literate when it comes to php, html and else, I work with developers when needed but I believe this is not the most difficult feature to develop for what it would bring in return.

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