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Hello, I may have been taking the wrong approach to use other user's topics to request that the user agent for Windows Phone is added to this site for the mobile skin so I will create my own topic. :)

Would you guys please add the Windows Phone user agent? Please, please. %7Boption%7D

My user agent is (this is the Mango developer release):

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows Phone OS 7.5; Trident/5.0; IEMobile/9.0; HTC; T7575)

I think the only difference with the current Windows Phone version is that it would be "Windows Phone OS 7.0" and "IEMobile/7.0". Obviously the HTC and T7575 are specific to my model.

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Not working for me, either. I've tried adding a new mobile UA with just "Windows Phone OS" as the regex on my own and that doesn't seem to work, either (I'm still using 7.1, HTC HD7).

Brandon, if you're interested in testing it yourself, the Windows Phone SDK includes an emulator. Otherwise, I'd be glad to keep checking back and testing as well.

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